That Day

Some days are beautiful. The others are just plain. This day, is not that day. This is the day for me when I realize that I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve become too coward to chase what should be mine. If love is a rollercoaster, and if the ups and downs of it is the game of love itself, then I’m the one who stands cowardly in front of it.

I do nothing.

And thinks that it was what I wanted.

I regret those times. But it has every reason to be considered justifiable. Because every satisfying, meaningful relationship between men and women , for me, comes from a simple sparks of chemistry. And every chemistry have its own time. It didn’t rush. And found its joy from waiting. It comes from nowhere. In a time we didn’t expect before. It grows steadily. It have its own pace. Sometimes its like running fast, progressing rapidly, and brings us excitement. Sometimes its just plain…

[[I don’t like this. Sitting in my bed, and writing about love and meaningful relationship between men and women, without having any of it. I hate the fact that I’ve been very demanding for that magic sparks of chemistry]]

Well.. I think I must stop writing, takes a shower, read some electronic books to help me doing my research. Anyway, its just that day, when sometimes, we feel that six billions people in the world are agreed to not talk to us.

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