Gaza, Indonesia, and Humanity Between

Remove all the religious issues regarding Israel-Palestine conflicts, that is now extended into Israel-Palestine-Lebanon conflict. Remove all that ‘why who start what in what way with what effect‘. The only thing that will left is that the casualties. The victim. The innocent one. That will include the mourning mother whose lost her son. The father who lost her wife. Son, who lost his parents.

One thing for sure, that we, Indonesian, are not far from that kind of brutalities. We, that now are wanting to help them in any way, maybe forgot that we have all the sins that Israel does. Don’t we remember May 98 riot? Don’t we remember how we treated Papua? Don’t we remember how we treated Aceh?

We talked about how brutal Israel is. But we forgot: we are just like them.

We take, freely, without any guilt, goods from the stores in May 98 riot. We kill “non pribumi” ‘s. We rape them, or at least, let them be raped. Mothers in front of their husband. Daughters in front of their fathers.

We, Indonesian, burn their store, after we take anything inside. We hate them. We persecuted them, our own sister and brothers. We did nothing to defend them. We did nothing to save them. We run, when they needed us. We keep silent when they lost they house in fire.

We let Papua, and all the natural richness of its soil become ours. And not give anything in return. We let them be “the other”. We don’t build enough infrastructure and facilities they needed. Even Israel knows how to build water system to the Palestinian. They also open up gates to let the international aid come in. But we don’t know how to support our own brother and sister in Papua. And beyond all that, we still have this feeling of solitude and thinks that we have done justice.

And Aceh? Don’t we remember how we treated them? Aceh is the place, where military wars against civillians. Not only Israel who kills, but we also did. Not only them who murders babies, parents, and non-militaries, but we also did. Yes, we also did to the people of Aceh.

Do we really forgot, that before we helped Palestinian who are far away in Gaza, first we must help our neighbours?

Do we really forgot, that before we hate Israel, we also have to hate our nation’s record of violence?

Do we really have the right to feel clean?

Do we really have the right to feel sincere enough to help Palestinian?

No, we are not sincere enough to be better than Israel.

I must say, without any hidden agenda, that if we talked about brutality, violence, stereotyping, and other thing related to domination of one to another, we are just like Israel.


The difference is, if Israel did that to other nation, we did that to our own nation. To our own brothers and sisters.

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