Personal Calling

This afternoon, I had a simple chat with my old friend. She’s maybe, my closest friend in elementary school. We spent years sitting together in the same table.

This is a very usual conversation we had. I asked her about her future plans; what is she going to do after graduated, and things like that. She said that she wants to start his own business in fashion, learns photography, and some other things. And I also talk about my plans.

“I want to be rich… very rich so I could build my own school.. something that has high quality, but at the same time, very cheap”

I talked about my idea in business. There are several business idea that I have, waiting to be started.

Nothing special in that conversation. Except the point that I said my long term plan:

“I want to be rich… very rich so I could build my own school.. something that has high quality, but at the same time, very cheap”

This is my very long term plan.

Suddenly, that simple chat leaves me with a strong message. From that simple chat, I know why I feel very lonely lately. Finally I know.

Its because, at some point of our lives, we’re reminded of our own personal calling. For me, personal calling is about our own personal plans. Because this is very personal, this sometimes, leaves us to feel lonely.

Its like a road… but only fit for one person: ourselves. Other people may connected, but only at some points, while they path crashes ours. Not more than that.

Our own personal calling also makes us, sometimes, feel lonely, because we had to deals with our personal problems. Others would not understand. Yes, we can tell them. But not everyone could understand that as good as our heart could.

It makes our heart question things, looking for answers, struggle for looking something new, listen to the voice of the surroundings… and finally, guide us to the path of our own personal calling.

The stronger we are in pursuing our personal calling, the more we could feel lonely. But again, the deeper the feeling of loneliness, the more we could appreciate friends, and love, and anything between that two things. We grow our capacity to love, and to accept love.

Find your own personal calling, my dear friend… don’t let yourself live your life without knowing your own grand plan for this life.

2 responses to “Personal Calling

  1. Hmm bener juga ya ney, nyokap gw jg nanya2in knapa gw di lsm, yea it’s my personal calling, at least sampe gw lulus s2, amin amin amin, tp tetep ya gw menginginkan mediaku masuk dalam tujuan jangka panjang dalam hidup gw, amin amin amin

  2. amin… mudah2an tercapai. Abis S2 mau jadi akademisi yah?
    sip sip. Mudah2an jadi dosen yang meng-enlight mahasiswa2nya.

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