Binary Oppositions

Binary oppositions.

Its all about boundaries.
There is a bold line between black and white, blue and red, good and evil, right and wrong.
Everything have its own clear distinct polarization. Yes, true, there are some cases that blurs the bold line between every polar, or in this term, oppositions. But we may agreed that polarization exists in every matter in the world.

The thing about polarization is that, it became very much interesting if we mixed it.
I’m talking about the journalistic type of writing in novel, and of course, novel type of writing in journalistic reports.

In novel, journalistic type of writing will add some drama, and makes it turns out to be more realistic, natural, or in some cases, genuine. The clear description of details, the passion to listen from both side, the urge to get what lies beneath, closer, deeper than just what people said, are things that make journalistic type of writing will make a good novel (for example: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, Devils and Angels by Dan Brown)

On the contrary, journalism admits that novel writing would add some… drama. And drama is very important, because it attracts more people to read. And it means money. And money matters. Especially in this information age, where information is not just an information, or data, but also, commodity. And when the press is not a tool to spread information, but to get money.

In the other hand, the same way of thinking is maybe, also justifiable if we talking about human relationship. I’m talking about friends and lovers, and everything between them.

Does relationship will be more interesting if we mix it?
Does relationship among friends will be more interesting if we, sometimes, treat them like lovers?
Does relationship with lovers will be more interesting if we, sometimes, treat them like friends?

No, I don’t think so. Friends, are best left to be just friends. That makes lovers, can be treated as lovers.

In this case, we should look it with a clear distinction: as a black and white; or, as two binary oppositions.

Oh I think I’ve made some grammatical errors…

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