Media and Us

We live in a time where media, shaped almost everything, including our perception of God. It is the time when christmas is identical with Santa Claus and christmas trees, presents, etc. It is the time when wearing turban, somehow, affiliated with terrorist, extremists and suicide bomber. It is the time when religious matters are the subject of any kind of labelling and stereotyping, and of course, it happens in a mass media, which made it much more horrible.


McQuail & Windahl once wrote “television is not a window on, or reflection of the world, but the world in itself”. This is because television have a power of persuasion through audio and visual elements. This two elements, somehow, effecting certain images, experiences in our head. Moreover, it shaped our perception of reality around us.


And this kind of ‘world’ is exposing itself toward us. And this kind of power is making endless effort to define religious matters. And the funny thing is, those who are responsible in media contents, at most of the times, only thinks about ratings. Its human of course, considering we are also fond of those misinterpretations about religious matters.

One response to “Media and Us

  1. your writing recalls me about my black joke
    regarding how uneducated lower class people in blind-faith
    would say amen and nod along what Al Jazeera news announce
    if the screen were to go black… hahahahaha

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