Old Fashioned

I think I have a bad taste for fashion. Everything that I chose to wear, unfortunately, always ended to make me looked very… old fashioned.

Maybe, I’m a little bit too obsessed with dark colors, like brown, grey, black. This three colors is the color for about 50% of my shirts. And if I added white, then the percentage would include 45% of my shirts. So, its four color for 95% of my shirts. Geez.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, the other color is the one that others gave to me.

I think I’m way too old fashioned. But who cares? Don’t judge the book by its cover! Well, don’t always judge the book by its cover. Well, this too seems impossible, because we first judge the book by its cover. This how it works.

Well, then, lets just say… I’m not into fashion. Its not what I’m good at.

7 responses to “Old Fashioned

  1. hahahaha tenang aje ney, pan kita bukan orang industri fesyen toh. Kadang gw juga ngerasa tampil magrum, hmm selama bukan acara formal gak masalah si..

  2. hufff… iya si yah….

  3. indieschmindie

    ah. reney, reney…
    somehow i want to poke with a stick.
    puk puk puk.
    jangan tanya kenapa karena gw pun bingung.

  4. it’s more important to find personal fashion. stick with what you think is the most comfortable, ya ga sih

  5. @Indi
    gue juga suka pake “puk puk puk”, tapi pas gue kayak gitu, gue ngebayanginnya pake tangan. Mungkin itu yang ngebedain yang normal sama yang devian. Hehehehe

    iya banget yah. Berarti gue harus terima dijudge kuno…. karena sayangnya, gue nyaman sama gaya kayak gini. Fuhhhh..

  6. indieschmindie

    hahahaha, lalu siapa yang normal, siapa yang devian, ney?

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