Old Friends

Maybe, we are still elementary students when scientists in CERN research center conducted their first research to discover a new way to communicate through computer networks. We are still climbing stone walls near the cafetaria, learns the very basic of mathematics. We got busy with our homework, and soccer, and gossips.
Maybe, we are still elementary students while Tim Berners Lee created the hypertext language, thus became the foundation of the internet. We are still talking about our first crushes, without having no idea what that really is. And do nothing about it. For most of us, its one of our greatest time. Its when we don’t have to bother with family conflicts, responsibilities, social judgements, and all grown up stuffs. We’re just simply do our homework, and play like there’s no tomorrow.
Maybe, we are still in junior high school while internet starts to grow up to be one of the biggest invention ever, beside fire, wheel, bombs, and electricity. We’re having our first boyfriend or girlfriend. We learned to fit in a certain peer group. We learned to compete in some competition.

Then comes senior high school. Things change. There are Yahoo, Google, and then Friendster. And we are get busy with our own handphones, future plans, organization activities, and for some of us; boyfriends and girlfriends.

But then college time. And then Facebook time. And somehow, we crashes each other. And  its time for us to once again, entering each others life.

foto dulu

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.


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