A Guy

I’m having a mental breakdown at the campus library when I saw him.
He is one of my friend. I know his name. Sometimes I talked to him. The thing is… at most of the times, he talks to himself. He laugh, smiles, gets angry… grins.. whispers… at himself.

And now, at the time I wrote this, he is smiling, and laughing happily, but with no one talking to him. Everyone who walks through him would turn their eyes to him for just a moment… knowing that something is wrong with this guy, but do nothing. They afraid. So am i.
I wish I know what to do, and have enough courage to do it.

4 responses to “A Guy

  1. cie cie siapa sih ney, hahahahhaha

    anak 2006 bukan si?

  2. daripada lo caricari gimana caranya ngobrol sm temanmu itu mending dicontoh aja kelakuannya tuh, enak bgt kynya bisa menemukan kebahagiaan dari sesuatu yang rahasia

  3. @Inal
    gue ga tau angkatannya… yang jelas bukan anak Kom

    wow! Iya bener juga. Yang penting bisa ngelakuin itu sebagai pilihan, bukan sebagai konsekuensi.

  4. Emelia Lionhearty

    wah.. anak kesos itu ya? eh.. bukan.. siapa dong?
    mau bikin blog aaaah..

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