Blogger’s Block

(this is a self help writing, for my own problem, in my own blog. Its not worth to be followed)

The drama of daily life seems to be not helpful. Current issues seems to be worthless news. The problems, the success, and all new things in life seems to be add nothing to your idea bucket. You tried.. and tried… and tried…. and nothing seems to be make sense. You opened your Microsoft OneNote page, or Word, or even Notepad, the very same step you took when you want to write something. But again, everything seems to be useless.

This is writer’s block. Or in this case, blogger’s block. You became unable to write anything worth read. Or at least, you assume to be worth read. This is what exactly what i feel right now.

Maybe you feel it too. Maybe you think that all the idea in the world has gone, hiding in the middle of nowhere. Well, this is what i feel.. and what i want to share right now. And this are what i assume could be a  solvent:

1. Problem

Maybe this because you have a problem. Maybe you occupied with bills, housing rent, stress from job, or else. Take a minute-or an hour, to think about yourself. How’s this month been going so far? How’s job? What about your family? Do you think you have succeed you monthly goals? Or actually, deep inside you heart, you think that you’ve failed? That your life isn’t one that you wanted. Or something wrong with your spouse that sucked up your energy.

If this is your problem, there are some things that can be done:

> write your problem

Write your problem. Make yourself the star of your own novel. Start your new adventure – though its just inside your head. Make writing a self-help therapy. Treat your problem as an inspiration.

> find your problem, and deal with it

Through the reflection moment, you will find out the problems. You will notice what you’ve been hiding from others, and also from yourself. Deal with it. Maybe, writer’s block -or blogger’s block, is a sign that something wrong with your mind and soul.

2. Boredom

If there main problem is just some boredom, then first, you should admit it. Admit that you bored with writings. Admit that poems and movie quotes are not attractive again. Admit that you bored with those fake inspirations; because they’re just commodity to meet the demands of mass market. Or maybe, admit that you’ve been reading, watching, and listening too much, that you feel that nothing satisfy you anymore.

Stop reading books. Stop listening good music. Stop watching good films. Just think. And write. Maybe, too much input will make you confuse what to write.

3. The Past

Stop underestimate and overestimate yourself. If you wrote a good piece in the past, throw it away to the dirtiest garbage can. And if you wrote a piece of junk, praise yourself for writing an honest work, and a great start. Don’t be occupied with the past.

Well, this is all i can come up now. Bless me.

One response to “Blogger’s Block

  1. wahh bagus ney.. banyak inspirasinya,.,, ;) terus berkarya ney,,jangan kayak gue yang stuck..libur sebulan aja ga nambah apa2,,hahah

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