Most people never change. No matter how far things around them has changed, and no matter for how long you’ve been hoping them to change, they’d stay just the same.

But we know that for everything, there is always a room for an exception. Sometimes rain fell heavily in the hot season in Jakarta. Even a corrupt country like Indonesia now can enjoy surprisingly high economic growth in the middle of global recession.

We know that there is always a tiny little room for an exception. And that idea of a tiny little room for exception has become the reason for us to believe that this person MIGHT change.

Then we’re concentrating on fixing things. Praying. Reading books. Learning others and ourselves. Or basically everything that can help him change.

As time goes by, through many struggles and disappointments, we might not been succeeded in witnessing him changed. But we know for sure that someone else has changed: we are.

One response to “Exception

  1. nonton map of the sounds of tokyo deh ney!

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