Old Projects

Decision making should rely on principal reasons, not practical reasons. Practical reasons may open new doors and opportunities, but principal reasons are the better foundation, especially when dealing with uncertainties.

This made me think to go back to some old projects that have been abandoned, and some topics that have been left out for a few months back. And some books that i havent read.

Sigh… we change a lot, do we? And we’re doing it so fast that sometimes, we often amazed and confused at the same time.

One response to “Old Projects

  1. mahardhikasadjad

    Hei just found your blog.

    Gw baru aja mikir ini tadi malam: I’ve changed so much I don’t think I recognize the person in the mirror, anymore.

    Tapi belum tentu berubah itu buruk juga sih… ck.. apa gw lagi quarter life crisis ya? hahaha…

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