Hi there. Thanks for coming by.

My name is Reney. I’m a digital strategist in Klix Digital, a digital agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia. My job is to develop contextual and innovative digital strategy to help clients survive and thrive through the highly cluttered digital realm. My specialties and interests are anything related to developing digital brand essence and content strategy.

I am also interested on how digital tools enable innovations that can drive social change toward a betterment in society.

My first book is “Startup, Indonesia! Inspirasi dan Pelajaran dari Para Pendiri Bisnis Digital”. Currently I’m writing my second book about digital collaborations and innovations in Indonesia.






4 responses to “About

  1. I put ur blog link on my blog…

    Btw, you look different in this pic… :D

  2. I put your link too. Hehe. I removed the picture. Maluuu! hehehe

  3. really nice and inspiring blog..hehhe
    let me put ur blog link on my blog, ok?

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