A letter for you, from me

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if, at this time, we have met or not. I tried to figure out your face, your body, your scent, but i have no idea at all.

The only thing i know at this time, is that i’m preparing everything for you. You know… college, savings, life skills… that kind of stuffs.

I barely know you. But you know what… i love you already. I love you already, my future wife. I don’t know who you are, but you are the reason of the choices i made today.


Reney, 2011

Tentang Makanan

Video ini jelasin tentang masalah obesitas yang makin sistemik di AS. Ini termasuk:

1) brand-brand gede yang bikin strategi pemasaran + pengembangan produk mereka jadi semakin customer oriented dan semakin bikin orang jadi gendut & ga sehat. Misal: kadar gula di susu makin lama makin tinggi.

2) anak-anak dikelilingin makanan ga sehat (tapi enak banget) dimana-mana: main streets, school, house. Hasilnya, anak2 jadi makin tergantung sama makanan ga sehat.

3) anak-anak juga dipengaruhin ortu mereka yang tergantung sama makanan ga sehat. Anak-anak sekarang punya umur harapan hidup 10 tahun lebih sedikit daripada ortu mereka. Itu karena mereka sendiri termasuk generasi ketiga dari sejak tren obesitas yang mulai muncul. Itu berarti udah ada 2 generasi sebelumnya yang bikin sistem lifestyle yang ngedukung obesitas.

Hasilnya, ada anak 16 tahun udah divonis umurnya tinggal 6 tahun lagi karena obesitas. Orang2 makin banyak mati karena kegemukan.

Oke, saya bukannya sotoy… tapi saya ga mau anak saya nanti obesitas. Saya mau sehat + punya gaya hidup sehat, biar nanti saya sama keluarga saya mati tua karena emang harus mati, bukan karena kebanyakan kolesterol.

Maka dari itu, ada beberapa rencana saya biar tetep sehat:
1) diet, makan secukupnya, kurangin gula/ dll dll yg ga sehat
2) belajar masak (biar ga tergantung sama orang lain)

PS: video yang ditampilin itu dari TEDX.  Bagus videonya. Nonton ya :)


There’s a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny’s lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I’ve always been a fool. -Ed Bloom, Big Fish

Happiness #7

Buat saya, susahnya jadi orang single itu bukan karena gak punya partner pas ada masalah, tapi karena gak bisa berbagi waktu lagi ada pencapaian.

Masalah mungkin bisa diceritain ke temen atau diselesein sendiri. Tapi kalo achievement? Buat apa semua achievement kalau bukan buat dibagi jadi kebahagiaan bareng-bareng? Buat apa bisa ini-itu, dapet ini-itu, ngelakuin ini-itu, kalo bukan buat dishare ke orang terdekat?

Tapi buat semua achievement yang saya rayakan diam-diam sendirian, buat semua kegembiraan yang saya simpan sendiri, saya tahu itu gak sia-sia. Karena achievement itu gak akan luntur sama waktu. Semua cerita tentang achievement itu gak akan basi. Dan nanti kalo udah waktunya cerita-cerita itu dibagi ke seseorang yang-saya-belum-tahu-siapa, saya tahu rasanya pasti akan sama serunya seperti waktu lagi alamin achievement itu.

Bahkan mungkin jauh lebih seru.

Luuuna Looooovegood

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” -Luna Lovegood


Image: potterincantatem.wordpress.com.

Back to Ithaca

Being an entry level worker and a student at the same time teaches me to be humble. No matter how hard I’ve tried, there’s always someone who is luckier, achieve higher, or gets unexpected opportunities. No matter how hard I work and put my best effort at every aspects of life, whether in social life, education, or career, there’s always someone brighter, sharper, or, simply… better.

After graduation, you’ll see people growing up FAST. Your closest friend suddenly turns into a young fearless executive who could earn Rp 6-8 million/month in their second year of working. Some glow brighter and get a scholarship. Others win a competition(s). That kind of  things, you will see for the rest of your lives.

But something came to me when I stopped following the race of  “how-to-achieve-more-than-everyone-else“. At that very moment,  I’m entering a new state of mind. I became less worried about achievements. The road to achievements suddenly changes from a race track into a joyful journey, full of monsters and elfs and magic and princes and princesses and demigods and dragons and angels and unicorns and phoenixes and thousands of other mystical creatures living a world of imaginary cosmos. Lets just say, a garden of Eden of your own version. You’ll laugh, cry, reminisce, learn, discover. You’ll look at things differently, and you’ll notice that your heart bursts happiness even when you’re just dealing with boring daily routines.

You’ll learn that achievement is no longer the most important thing. Though its important and you work hard for it, (and you’ll achieve bigger and greater things), but you’ll see that there are millions of choices, ideas, and adventures to satisfy your lust of fulfillment.

Suddenly i remember this poem by Constantine Cavafy. Its about Odyssey’s way back to Ithaca. Here it is:  

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long,
full of adventure, full of knowledge.
The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
the angry Poseidon — do not fear them: You will never find such as these on your path,
if your thoughts remain lofty,
if a fine
emotion touches your spirit and your body.

The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
the fierce Poseidon you will never encounter,
if you do not carry them within your soul,

if your soul does not set them up before you.

Pray that the road is long.
That the summer mornings are many,
with such pleasure,
with such joy
you will enter ports seen for the first time;
stop at Phoenician markets,
and purchase fine merchandise, mother-of-pearl and coral, amber, and ebony, and sensual perfumes of all kinds,
as many sensual perfumes as you can;

visit many Egyptian cities,

to learn and learn from scholars.

Always keep Ithaca on your mind.
To arrive there is your ultimate goal.
But do not hurry the voyage at all.
It is better to let it last for many years;
and to anchor at the island when you are old,

rich with all you have gained on the way,

not expecting that Ithaca will offer you riches.

Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage.
Without her you would have never set out on the road.

She has nothing more to give you.

And though you should find her wanting,
Ithaca will not surprise you;
for you will arrive wise and experienced,

having long since perceived
the unapparent sense in Ithaca.

Go, fly, be a star! As for me, I’ve decided to take another route in this long journey to the future. And that route leads to Ithaca.

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Beyond right or wrong, there lies a place. Some people call that place Confusion. But i have my own name for that place.