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Media often taught us things we don’t need to be taught. One of it is the definition of beauty.

In the effort of making  the market as large as possible for them, certain beauty product often define beauty in the most general way: by making it acceptable for any kind of customer from different backgrounds. Thus, what is happening is that the standard of beauty raised to the limit where its too high to reach by most of people (for example, those image of tall, white, perfectly shaped eyes, nose and lips). This way, people feel that they are not beautiful. And because they don’t feel beautiful, they will buy those products.

But of course, we can choose not to be taught by the media. Take what we need from them, without being taught things that are our right to define.

About this, one of the most interesting example for me is the definition of beauty among anime lover. Anime is Japanese cartoon or animation. In an in-depth interview with some of anime lover that I know, some of the hardcore fans of anime define beauty as this:


A bubbly, dependable girl with a red hair, with big eyes, and thin lips.

But, what makes it interesting is that this definition of beauty is only for anime/cartoon character. The most ideal women for them is the cartoon character. And the real women who lives in the real world is can only ruin that definition of beauty, and thus, don’t deserve to be loved.  Of course this is not applicable for every anime lover. Those who become like this, are those who are a hardcore fans of anime. They often called “otaku“, means “obsessed”. Most of the otaku had never been in a relationship with a girl (a real one); and never planned to have either.

Well, everyone have their own preferences. For me, beautiful is:

when I feel not enough to see her just for  once.