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Alay is a term in Bahasa Indonesia, referring to teenage and young adult from lower class in the society. The term itself, is an abbreviation from “anak layangan” or ‘the children of kites”. Its because they often play kites. And kites, in the urban areas of Indonesia, is a sign of misfortunes. Those who play kites is never a rich kid. Rich kids play remote controls, get busy in social networking, chatting, watching movies, and such things. Only poor kids play kites.

So,  yes, “alay” is an offensive word. And yes, people from the higher class in society in Jakarta often use it.

An “alay” often recognized by their hairstyle, their choices in clothing, or by the way they write text messages. The thing is, its clear that whoever stands in top class or higher class in a certain society, would attack, by any kind of way, those who are in the lower class of society.

Sadly, I must say, its human.